Toyota Celica GT-Four

Toyota Celica GT-Four at the Japanese used car auctions

Toyota Celicas, what a great little sports car these are, been around since the 1970s until 2006 when Toyota decided to knock them on the head. Most of the various Celica models have looked ok, though there were a couple of wonky looking ones I think, especially the second gen (A40). But I do love the look of the first Celica (‘the Mustang look’), and I will get around to finding one and will bang up a video, anyway, back to the GT-Four!!

Celicas have always done well for Toyota in the WRC, and the GT-Four was the homologation model over three versions of the Celica, this being the ST205, the final model and I think the best looking! Putting out around 250hp from a 2000cc turbo engine it performed as well as it looked. Super strut suspension, aluminum bonnet and 4-channel ABS round out the GT-Four goodies. Production was limited to only 2500 units, the majority of which stayed in Japan.

This one was a bit untidy, but its pretty common to see cars like this that have had a fairly hard life. They aren’t terribly expensive and perform well, so tend to get driven quite hard. Accident repair vehicles are quite common. But they can be a bit of a bargain, if you are patient you can pick up a nice grade 4, around 100,000kms for around Y400,000, its not bad!

Click on the HD button for the good version and check our You Tube channel for more videos – Blue Line Exports

Wishing all our friends a happy, safe and successful 2021!!

The auctions are open again from January 7th 2021, and we are looking forward to another great year.

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