Subaru WRX S4

A great looking Subaru WRX S4 at the Japanese used car auctions

I have always been a Subaru fan, the 4 wheel drive, turbo, manual set up just works so well. Couple that with the classic boxer exhaust note and you have such a good package. Obviously the WRX (or STI now) is the jewel in the Subaru line up, but recently I think most people will agree that the WRX design team have dropped the ball. With this fourth generation sedan I think they are back, looks fantastic!

This one is a Subaru (I think they dont use the Impreza name now, though Subaru comes out with so many models its hard to keep up!!) WRX S4 2.0 eyesight. Im not sure what Audi have to say about the S4 name being used. The S4 I believe is a Japan only model, slotting in between the WRX and the STI version, though I may be wrong there.

Looks excellent in this blue, chrome trim on the door mirrors, big boot spoiler, black leather interior with red stitching, carbon fiber look interior trim, flat bottom sports steering wheel – overall a really nicely put together package. Its got a 2000cc engine which I believe is putting out around 295 hp for the S4 package which is quite impressive.

This car also has the Subaru eye-sight automatic brake system – cameras mounted in front of the rear vision mirror scan the road for obstacles and automatically apply the brakes to avoid collisions – smart. Not sure how well it works in reality but its the logical progression towards these self-driving cars we seem doomed to have!!

I guess the biggest downside to the Subaru WRX S4 is that it only comes with an automatic transmission, again, a sign of the times!!

Click on the HD button for the best version and please check the You Tube channel for more videos. Get in touch if you’re after a Subaru WRX S4 or anything else from Japan

Howdy folks, just an update regarding the Covid19 mayhem. We are up and running as usual, the auctions also running as normal and at this point there are no delays with shipping – everything seems to be running as usual. I hope everoyne is safe and getting through this crazy time.


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