Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster at the Japanese Used Car Auctions

A quick look at a tidy Porsche Boxster at the Japanese used car auctions. The 986 Porsche Boxster was the first generation of Porsches ‘affordable’ sports car. They started production in 1996 and were replaced with the second generation in 2004. The Boxster name is a mash up of the boxer engine that Porsche used and Roadster – Boxster.

These original Boxsters come with a 2500cc flat 6 cylinder, mid-mounted engine that is water cooled. Both a automatic and manual gear box were offered. Power is around 200hp.

Good looking little cars, they offered buyers a more budget friendly option for those wanting a Porsche as they were much cheaper than the newly released Porsche 911 (996), though 996 buyers didn’t like the fact that their expensive 911 shared the same looking headlights as the ‘lower level’ Boxster. 

These Porsche Boxster 986 are a great buy from Japan. For around Y500,000 you can pick up a tidy Porsche sports car with a power top, convertible roof.

This one was in great condition, tidy inside and out. No major exterior marks nor damage or blemishes on the interior. The power roof was working perfectly as were all the electrical options – power windows, power mirrors, air conditioning etc. The soft top was also in perfect condition, including the rear window as these often discolour and crack.

Click the HD button for the good version and please inquire if you are interested in importing a Porsche Boxster from Japan

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