Porsche 928 S4

A gorgeous looking Porsche 928 at the Japanese used car auctions

I was strolling through the auction yard when I noticed one of my favourite classic cars, the Porsche 928 – I love Porsche and I love V8s, perfect!

Porsche made the 928 with the intention of having it replace the legendary 911, it was thought to be a bit more of a user friendly car to appeal to the general public. It was the first Porsche to come with a V8 and was the only front engined V8 coupe that Porsche made.

This one is a 928 S4 – they put out around 315hp from a 5000cc V8 engine – a great grand tourer package, perfect for those long cross country jaunts across Europe! For me, I love the deep green paint, really suits this style car. Then the beautiful tan leather interior really sets the rest of the car off. Beautiful.

Condition wise, this car was flawless inside and out, its so good to see that the previous owners took such good care of it and I hope the new owner loves it to pieces also.

Click on the HD button for the best quality and check our You Tube channel for more videos – Blue Line Exports


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