Ninja Access

Due to misuse of Ninja access which causes problems with our USS membership we will not be offering Ninja access to new members anymore. Established buyers with deposit and or paid cars in the system will be offered Ninja access as usual.

USS Auction group images and auction sheet information will not be publicly visible any more and clients should get this information from the USS Ninja System.

Blue Line Exports is happy to offer Ninja access to clients who have a deposit in the system are actively buying cars.

The first month of access is free, after that it will be charged at Y3,000 per month. If you buy a car during that month then there will be no charge. Clients who buy cars on a regular basis will have no charge.

Ninja access invoices will be sent out every 6 months.

Clients agree to use the service in accordance with the USS terms and conditions, which can be viewed here.

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