Mercedes Benz (W124) 300TE-24

A quick look at a tidy Mercedes Benz (W124) 300TE-24 at the Japanese Used car auctions.

The Mercedes Benz W124 chassis is a classic and desired the world over. Made from 1984 to 1995, it was the first official E-Class for Mercedes Benz. Available as a coupe, cabriolet, sedan and wagon, all models are very popular with the king being the E500 / 500E (and its larger engine variants).

The W124 Mercedes Benz E-Class wagons are in great demand and we ship them to Germany, Poland, the UK generally. Also if you can find a right hand drive version, the buyers in Hong Kong are keen on them.

This one was higher mileage and had been pimped at bit with the big alloys, body kit and aftermarket exhaust, but sunroof, and black leather power seats are always a draw card. Also, 7 seats, with the two mini rear facing seats and no rust in the rear which is a common issue on these – bonus points!

This car was graded a 3.5/C by the auction which usually indicates an average condition car. In this car I feel the reality was probably a little better than that. The paint was nice and glossy, consistent over all panels and panel fit was tight. Interior, the seats have a few scratches and wrinkles, nothing unusual for a car that’s done over 200,000kms. Headlining was clean and tight, no cracks or damage on the dash, interior trim all present and in good condition. There is an aftermarket navi and audio system which does mess up the clean factory look of the dash, but its a bot of a necessary evil with these old cars.

Engine – started easily, ran well. Transmission – no clunks or bumps. No smoke, engine bay clean, oil at correct level and looked clean – seems to be a well maintained machine on all accounts.

Click the HD button for the good version and please check out the Blue Line Exports You Tube channel for more videos. Get in touch if you are interested in importing a Mercedes Benz E-Class from Japan.

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Howdy folks, just an update regarding the Covid19 mayhem. We are up and running as usual, the auctions also running as normal and at this point there are no delays with shipping – everything seems to be running as usual. I hope everoyne is safe and getting through this crazy time.


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