Mercedes Benz SL500

Mercedes Benz SL500 (R230) at a Japanese used car auction

The Mercedes Benz SL class has always been a good looking car, desired by drivers and collectors all over the world. From the elegantly styled R107, the boxy 90’s look R129 to the more sporty looking R230, buyers all over the pace have been looking for these in Japan.

I have noticed that over the past 5 years the amount of good quality R129s has steadily dried up, there used to be so many to choose from each week, now there are hardly any. People are now looking toward the R230 model as the prices are coming down on these now.

This one looked great in silver with grey leather interior and wood trim and of course that big 5000cc V8 sounds great! Grab one of these from Japan now, before the prices start going up due to increased demand.

Click on the HD button for the good version!

Wishing all our friends a happy, safe and successful 2021!!

The auctions are open again from January 7th 2021, and we are looking forward to another great year.

Get in touch with any inquiries.


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