Mercedes Benz AMG SLK32

Mercedes Benz AMG SLK32 at the Japanese Used Car Auctions
Mercedes Benz AMG SLK32

The Mercedes Benz R170 is a compact roadster made my Mercedes Benz from 1996 and still in production today in its third generation. SLK basically means sporty, short and light and it was a smaller alternative to the SL-Class. The SLKs all have a retractable hard top meaning the hard top hand fold down into the boot making it into a convertible. The roof mechanism is all hydraulic and automatic – push a button and the roof will retract.

The R170 SLK was offered with several engine alternatives, most of them with the kompressor (supercharger) option, with the AMG SLK32 being to top model, coming with a 3200cc supercharged V6 engine that put out close to 350hp.0-100 purportedly around 5 seconds.

The R170 also shared its platform with the US Chrysler Crossfire.

This particular unit was offered at auction here in Japan, graded a 3.5 / C and had just over 160,000kms on the clock, so it had done a few miles. It has been previously auctioned at a different auction house and at this time its was noted that the car was not able to move correctly and that there was a problem with the ignition key cylinder. It seems these issues were addressed as I managed to start the car and it was driving. These was a large oil leak issue though which is evident on the video.

Exterior was really nice, good glossy paint and bodywork in excellent condition. Interior was a bit rough, a cut on the leather seat and general junk cluttering up the interior. Lots of wear and adhesive marks on the center console and dash areas. Nothing too serious, wouldnt take much to get the interior cleaned up.

Click the HD button for the good version and check the Blue Line Exports You Tube channel for more videos. Please get in touch if you are after a nice Mercedes Benz SLK.

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