Mercedes Benz 560SEL

Mercedes Benz 560SEL (W126) : Japanese Used Car Auction

 The Mercedes Benz W126 560SEL is one of Mercedes Benz’s styling master pieces, such a gorgeous and timeless look. This one is looking fantastic in glossy black paint, of course with a full black leather interior.

I had a look at this car for a customer at a Japanese used car auction, prior to the customer bidding. On the auction sheet the auction house had identified a issue with the engine, saying that it was not running or idling well, maybe cutting out. I started the car several times, started and run without an issue, I left it running for a few minutes and could not see any issues.

Condition wise, the car was graded a 4 / B, which was a very fair grading for this unit, was very tidy inside and out.

Unfortunately it was over the customers bidding budget so good luck to who ever had the bigger budget, its a beautiful car.

Click the HD button for the good version!

Wishing all our friends a happy, safe and successful 2021!!

The auctions are open again from January 7th 2021, and we are looking forward to another great year.

Get in touch with any inquiries.


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