Mazda Autozam AZ-1

Mazda Autozam AZ-1 – a quick look at a quirky little JDM classic

What a great looking little machine these are, back from the era when the Japanese manufacturers were having a bit of fun with their cars. This is a Mazda Autozam AZ-1, also known as the Suzuki Cara as they rebadged their own version. Made during the early 1990s the Autozam is a mid-engined kei car, kei car meaning it has a little 660cc engine (and yellow number plates).

You cannot deny the styling is unique and I do occasionally see them on the roads here in Japan, they turn heads. They look like a go-cart that has escaped the track! The most striking things about the Autozam AZ-1 is of course the doors – the gullwing doors, its a mini Lamborghini for sure.

They came in blue and red, but I have seen a few in both white and silver, I presume they have been colour changed or maybe some limited model, I don’t know. Unfortunately the recession in Japan in the mid-1990s put an end to the AZ-1 but they are getting popular now as a collectors car.

A word of warning if you are thinking of buying one, I am 190cm tall and I pretty much don’t fit in, the door hits my head when you close it, so be warned if you’re a little taller than usual, it will be a cramped ride!!

You can find Mazda Autozam at the auctions pretty much every week, but a lot of them are R grade, or repair cars, so it pays to get out and have a look at them. Let us know if you are interested in picking up a little slice of JDM sillyness!

Click the HD button for the good version and apologies for the sound, or lack of, this is back when I first started making these videos, I didnt have the sound settings sorted! Sorry.

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