Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione II Giallo

A Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione II Giallo at the Japanese used car auctions

These are just gorgeous, one of my favourite cars of all time, one of the original hot hatches. This is a Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzion 2 Giallo. Lancia created several limited editions of their hugely popular Delta Integrale Evoluzione. This one is a Giallo (Gialla?), based on an Evoluzione 2, and limited to 220 units. It’s yellow obviously haha, has silver 16 inch alloys and black leather seats with yellow stitching. The whole package comes together nicely and looks fantastic!

The Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione II came out in 1993 and has a 2000cc 16 valve turbo engine, horse power is around 220. This was an update of the Evoluzione 1, with engine modifications and a bit of a facelift.

It amazes me how many of these Deltas found their way into Japan and are still here. You rarely see them on the road but they are offered at auction every week. Prices have doubled over the past 5 years so grab one now. Lets hope the supply doesn’t dry up too quickly!

Click the HD button for the good version and check our You Tube channel for more videos.

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