Honda Crossroad 20X

Honda Crossroad 20X – A quick look at a Japanese used car auction

The Honda Crossroad is a medium sized crossover vehicle made by Honda for the Japanese market from 2008 until it was discontinued in 2010. This is the replacement in Japan for the Honda HR-V. Once the Crossroad was discontinued Honda reintroduced the HR-V in 2014, though its now called the Honda Vezel in Japan.

I think this Honda Crossroad 20X is great looking little machine, I like the boxy SUV look they have, especially with the side steps and the big over fenders – if you use enough imagination I think you can agree its reminiscent of a small Hummer. And the biggest feature is that hidden in the small body are 7 seats, two in the front, three seat bench in the middle and then two small seats in the back. Granted it wouldnt be comfortable unless you are carrying kids around but 7 seats nonetheless. Zero additional cargo space when you have a full load of people, but fold the back seats down and you have a reasonable amount of cargo space.

As mentioned, this is a Honda Crossroad 20X model, I’m not sure exactly what specs make it a 20X, other than it has thee 2000cc engine, as opposed to the smaller 1800cc unit also offered. This one has factory aluminum side steps which look great and was graded a 4.5/B, 40,000kms – condition is perfect. The only fault I noticed were a few little touch up paint spots on the front. This one ended up selling for just over JPY 1,000,000 so its gives you a fair indication that the condition was solid.

Click on the HD button for the good version and please check out the Blue Line Exports You Tube channel for more videos.

Please get in touch if you are after a Honda Crossroad (or any other car!!) from Japan.

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