A BMW 750iL at the Japanese used car auctions

A classic luxury cruiser, what an awesome looking machine. This is a BMW 750iL, the E38 model. BMW made these 1994 to 2001 and this is a facelifted version, first registered in Japan in 2001. These are luxury all over, fully loaded with leather everything, wood trim everywhere and every power option you can imagine. So nice they have even been featured in a few movies, most notably the Transporter.

The BMW 750IL came with a 5400cc V12 engine, though only putting out around 330hp, coupled with a 5 speed automatic gearbox. I believe Rolls Royce also used this engine. The L versions had a longer wheel base, a little extra leg room to stretch out in the back while being taxied around between board meetings!

As mentioned, the interior is a great place to be, lovely plush leather seats, power seats front and rear, climate control, wood trim with contrasting wood inlays, rear fold-down picnic tables, sunroof, heated seats, the works.

This one has done 66,000kms and was overall in excellent condition. Interior was faultless apart from a couple of little blemishes on the dash, exterior paint was fantastic, body generally excellent just a big dent area on the right rear door. Looks like someone has opened it into a pole or something. Get that taken care of, tidy up a couple of other little blemishes and you are ready to roll in style.

Click on the HD button for the good version and check our You Tube channel for more videos. Get in touch if you are looking for something like this from Japan.

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