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Car diagram Japanese Used Car Auctions condition sheet example

Car diagram (2) Japanese Used Car Auctions condition sheet example



Overall Grade

S The vehicle is less than 12 months old from the first registration and has done less than 10,000kms. As new condition, interior and exterior are immaculate.
6 The vehicle is less than 36 months old from the first registration and under 30,000kms. Interior and exterior are in excellent condition.
5 The vehicle has done less than 50,000kms, minor interior and exterior marks, no damage
4.5 The vehicle has done less than 100,000kms, generally excellent condition. Some minor marks and signs of wear.
4 Above average condition, some sign of scratches, dents, wear.
3.5 Average condition for the age and mileage. Expect exterior scratches, dents, marks, paint blemishes and interior wear and tear.
3 Exterior will have multiple noticeable scratches, marks, dents, paint blemishes and interior will be in below average condition.
2 Generally grade 2 cars will be in very poor condition or have some major faults.
1 Can have serious issues such as flood or fire damage or may be heavily modified.
RA Minor repair – the car has had repair work done and its been repaired to a satisfactory standard.
R Repair car – the car has had repair work done to it, more substantial than an RA grade.
*** A non-running or non-graded car


A New or near new condition – no problems
B Very clean and tidy, maybe minor steering wheel and seat wear
C Could have cigarette burn, repaired areas, stains, cuts or tears, dashboard cracks or just be untidy and in need of cleaning. Interior trim may be faded or have parts missing or broken
D Repair and or cleaning is generally necessary. Loose headlining usually automatically gets a D grade also
E Poor condition, needs repair, cleaning. Bad smell also possible


Air conditioner AC / AAC
Cooler C
Automatic transmission FA / AT / IAT
Manual transmission F4 / F5 / F6
Power steering PS
Power windows PW
Sunroof SR
Factory alloy wheels AW / 純 AW
Navigation ナビ
Television TV
Airbag エア
Leather seats カワ 革

Exterior Markings

A Minor scratch.
A1 2-3 cm scratch.
A2 Up to 10cm scratch.
A3 Over 10 cm scratch.
U Minor dent.
U1 2-3 cm dent.
U2 Up to 10cm dent.
U3 Over 10 cm dent.
Y Minor crack.
Y1 2-3 cm crack.
Y2 Up to 10cm crack.
Y3 Over 10 cm crack.
W Minor paint work.
W1 Repainted, as new.
W2 Repair, repaint in good condition.
W3 Repair and repaint but quite noticeable – paint wave, colour irregularity, panel dimples etc
X Item needs to be replaced
XX Item has been replaced
S Surface rust
C Corrosion
E Dimple
  Markings on the windscreen indicate a stone chip, crack or sign of repair work.
  The numbers on the tyres indicate the amount of tyre tread that is left – 8 means the tyres have 80% of the tread left. 1 means only 10% of the tread is left.
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