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Blue Line Exports, is your #1 trusted source for quality vehicles from Japan. Let us walk you through the process and assist you to get the best car possible for your needs.

Based in Tokyo, we personally attend used car auctions for pre-bidding inspection so you know exactly what you are buying.

We pride ourselves on quick and honest communication to make the process as simple as possible for first timer buyers.

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Cars tend to have much lower km’s compared to cars outside Japan of the same age. Cars in Japan are generally not driven every day. City roads are crowded and street parking is scarce whereas public transport is cheap and reliable, so people don’t use their cars so often.

Couple this with the strict mandatory bi-annual car inspection test (“shaken” in Japanese) and you have some excellent condition used cars in Japan. It’s also very common for people in Japan to regularly change their cars, so there is a large range of great condition, low mileage vehicles available.

Buying from auction gives you the biggest range of cars to choose from. Auctions run Monday to Saturday at over 150 locations across Japan giving you over 150,000 different cars to choose from each week.

In addition, buying from auction means you are choosing the car that you want, not having some stock pushed onto you by a salesperson. It doesn’t matter to us whether you decide to buy car A, B or C, what matters is that you get the car you want. We have no vested interest in you buying one particular car over another.

We are not a high volume exporter, we value quality over quantity and strive for repeat business. Blue Line Exports can check the cars for you, take additional photos and video and call you from the car.

Plenty of car exporters will bid on cars purely based on the auction sheet. That’s fine, but the auction sheets don’t always tell the whole story. Let an experienced car buyer personally take a look at the cars you are interested in to ensure you have all the information possible to make the most informed decisions.

Blue Line Exports is owned and run by native English speakers. You can always expect perfect English communication when you call and prompt email replies. No confusing or vague English. All Japanese auction sheets are checked by native Japanese speakers and professionally translated into native English.

We specialize in assisting individuals to find the car they want in Japan. At Blue Line Exports you are not just another dealer buying 10 units as cheap as possible, you are a customer looking for a specific vehicle and wanting the best unit possible. We understand how daunting it is to be buying a car on the internet and take the time to make sure the car you are bidding on is the car you want. A native English voice is always just a phone call away. You can depend on Blue Line Exports for a personalized service.


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